Expert Advisor 2Sides is a freely distributed program designed for automatic operation on the Forex interbank currency exchange market. This Expert Advisor allows you to control risks and make a profit without the constant participation of a person.

Strategies used

The work of the 2Sides Expert Advisor is based on two principles: the Stochastic indicator and the Martingale principle. Stochastic Indicator  allows you to open and close trades based on overbought and oversold levels. If the indicator line exits the oversold zone, the program automatically opens a trading position to buy. When leaving the overbought zone, a trading position for sale is opened. In case of an unsuccessful entry, the Martingale principle is used, which allows you to compensate for unsuccessful investments and subsequently make a profit.


To work with the 2sides Expert Advisor, you must use the platform MetaTrader 4.

Currency pairs

In the course of work, it is recommended to use the following currency pairs: GBP/USD. In addition to the recommended ones, you can use any currency price relations.


As for the timeframe, it can also be any, from one minute or more.

Working hours

2sides can work around the clock, excluding weekends. The required working time is set in the settings based on individual needs.

Basic Settings

The success of working with the Expert Advisor largely depends on the selected settings. Let's consider the main ones:

  1. The Info switch allows you to get acquainted with the basic information, which includes the following positions: balance, lot increase coefficient, orders, and so on.
  2. The ShowZeroLevels switch displays the following information: the break-even level for the Sell and Buy series.
  3. The ManualTrade switch switches the program to manual trading mode.
  4. The DynamicTP switch puts the program in the mode of dependence of the takeprofit on the number of orders.
  5. The UseNeaBar switch puts the program in a mode in which a new knee of the series opens on a new bar.


The most popular versions of this Expert Advisor are: 2Sides_v4 and 2Sides_v5. The main difference between the programs is that the latest version of the Expert Advisor uses the management of user orders.


Media:2Sides_v4. 11c. mq4 Media:2Sides_v4. 13.mq4 Media:2Sides_v4.13b4. mq4 Media:2Sides_v4.13c111. mq4