Agressor MOD is a specialized computer program that allows you to conduct effective trading on the Forex interbank currency exchange market. This program allows traders to automate their trading and make a profit with minimal control over the program's activities. According to a number of experts, this program allows you to achieve profitability of 70-110% per annum.


At the heart of its work, the Agressor MOD program uses several indicators. Stochastic  shows the position of the price in relation to the price range for a certain period and displays the price as a percentage. The MA indicator allows you to determine the arithmetic average of prices for the selected period, which is an indicator of price equilibrium in the market. The Ichimoku indicator allows you to determine the market trend and generate signals for opening sales or purchases. The latest technical indicators also allow you to carefully analyze the market situation. Based on the indicators of the indicators, the program forms a strategy for market behavior and trading. This interaction of indicators makes Agressor MOD an ideal Expert Advisor for both experienced traders and beginners.


This Expert Advisor is designed to work on the platform MetaTrader 4

Currency pairs

As for currency pairs, the Agressor MOD Expert Advisor can work with the following currency ratios: GBP/USD, EUR/GBP, USD/CHF, EUR/USD. The program shows excellent performance and efficiency when choosing a currency pair EUR/USD.

The timeframe

is recommended for working with this program timeframe equal to M1.

Working hours

This Expert Advisor works around the clock. The required time can be set using various system settings.


Let's look at the main settings:

  • Spread-determines the size of the spread
  • ShowTable - the ability to visualize the statistics table
  • Vol_ No. - lot no. of the knee
  • Time_1-selection of the start time of the program  Magic-magic number


This Expert Advisor has several versions, among which the most popular are: 3.13 and Best. In version 3.13, euro zone market forecasts have been added and the system for responding to market changes has been optimized. The Best version has been significantly improved, which allowed reducing the expert's errors by 98%.


There is no adviser in the public domain, you can download it during registration