Alan Eisenberg-CEO of the division hedge fund from the UK "The Cabridge Strategy" in the US with a portfolio of $560 million. The company operates on arbitration strategies of national currencies Forex market. The main specialization of the trader is currency assets The Asia-Pacific Region.

Trader's path

Alan Eisenberg got acquainted with the financial and commodity markets in the late 80s. After completing the targeted training, he joined the special program of the transnational bank as a manager for the support of investment projects.

While advancing in the service, he got into the finance department for the position analytics. Later, at the State Department, he studied commodity markets, participating in the expert group for planning the construction of oil pipeline infrastructure and a tanker fleet.

The project provided for attracting investments on the basis of public-private partnership, at the same time Alan Eisenberg found business connections that provided a quick start on an "independent basis".

After returning to private business, the craving for new things led to the project of creating complex investment projects. Analytical skills and knowledge of how public financing works helped, Alan Eisenberg was noticed and invited to work by the European bank.

From 1996 to 2003, the future trader traveled half the world, attracting and placing funds from institutional investors in the Middle East, the United States and Europe. In 2003, Alan Eisenberg was hired by a private equity company to increase the size of the investment capital. Starting with $4 billion, in preparation for the initial placement, the search for investors was crowned with success, the capital of the joint-stock company grew to $ 30 billion.

Alan Eisenberg got the position of head of the hedge fund from the UK "The Cambridge Strategy" (TCS) thanks to his acquaintance with CEO Peter Henricks.

In 2010, Alan Eisenberg officially headed the American branch of TCS. Since then, the analyst, investment manager and financial marketer has become a trader. The fund specializes in currency speculation and investments. The opportunity to participate directly in trading attracted Alan Eisenberg-as a new type of development, without changing the specialization.