Which brokers support bots and automated trading?

At the moment, only one broker supports the creation of bots and provides access to its platform for third-party developers through the API. Now it is called Deriv, before it was called binary.

What types of automated trading exist?

  1. The official web application of binary bot
Official deriv bot
Official deriv bot

You must be online for trading to continue. We must look for a working and profitable strategy ourselves, adjust it over time. It is quite difficult to deal with this bot, even for a professional.

  1. Copying trades from other traders
    Yes, there is such an opportunity on binary! But I have not seen its implementation either in official projects or from third-party developers.
  2. Bots developed by third-party developers
    You can find both paid and free options. They can be fully automatic or semi-automatic. We recommend a bot that you can connect to via a telegram bot — binaryat.com/join

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