Bonus programs of brokers are designed to facilitate the start of trading for a beginner or attract new customers. Despite the indicative benefits, each launched program of preferential privileges is carefully developed by marketing specialists. The terms of the bonuses are selected in such a way that the broker turns out to be in a clear plus based on the results of their implementation by the client.

High competition in the binary options trading segment sometimes forces young companies to attract customers with really profitable bonus programs. This leads to a mutual interest-earning money for a novice or professional trader and taking market share for a binary options broker.
If a trader decides to take advantage of a profitable advertising offer of the company, he should carefully read the terms and conditions in order

  • not to waste his own time;
  • avoid the risk of losing personal capital;
  • correctly correlate the risk of a possible scam of a novice broker and the expected benefit.

Bonuses for adding funds to your brokerage account

To encourage customers to increase the amount of deposits to the brokerage account, binary options brokers charge a bonus percentage on these funds. As a result, the deposit made by "generous" companies can be doubled or tripled.
Such offers are "tied" to the total size of the account or depend on the amount deposited. Before taking advantage of this type of bonus, the trader should pay attention to the conditions:

  • participation of funds supplemented by a binary options broker in a loss ("drawdown");
  • withdrawal of profit earned with the bonus;
  • working off the lost bonus amount.

The deposit bonus does not make sense if the company writes off only the client's money in a loss-making transaction, and the accrued interest "burns out" as soon as the main deposit is spent. Also, you should not agree to the offer, provided that you work out the" lost " funds of the binary options broker.
The bonus "works" when writing off losses from the added amount to the deposited deposit in the first place. Then the trader should carefully read about the conditions for withdrawing the principal amount, after a total loss or working out a win using accrued interest.

No Deposit bonus or Ā«free optionsĀ»

The most popular type of bonus that helps you start and learn binary options trading, leaving, unlike a demo account, an emotional component. Understanding that there is real money in binary options betting, even if it is bonus money, gives you doubts, emotions and excitement, which is not present in the "training trading" mode.
With losses on the account, the trader will not suffer real losses, a no deposit bonus in this case will be useful if it leads to correct conclusions:

  • binary options require the development of a trading system;
  • trading tactics must necessarily include money management rules.

The conditions for working out and withdrawing profits can turn a no deposit bonus into a training amount on a demo account. Pay attention to the number of transactions or the required trade turnover, the large size of which will turn this gap into "infinity".


Binary options brokers often divide account types by statuses, determined by the amount of the initial payment or subsequent transfers. The more funds in the account, the wider the package of services for personal analytics or consulting, commission-free deposits and withdrawals, etc.
As a rule, these offers are aimed at encouraging a new client to invest a larger amount in the account than originally intended, especially since bonuses really help or improve the work, lead to optimization of the costs associated with trading.
Before you try to get a high status, you should:

  • carefully study the conditions, whether there is a mode of blocking funds for withdrawal until the conditions for working out are met;
  • evaluate the reliability of a binary options broker, correlating with it the risk of losing the amount due to a possible scam;
  • it is realistic to weigh your own chances, based on the rule that the first deposits "merge" regardless of the size.

Insurance for a deposit or refund of a part of the premium

Binary options brokers are willing to return some of the funds as compensation for lost trades, sometimes calling it insurance. The client can immediately get back a pre-agreed percentage of the bet refund (from 5 to 30%), or after a series of losses, be entitled to a certain number of "free" options.
Getting a portion of the loss helps only if the trader accepts it as a "second chance", analyzes the reasons for the loss, and changes the strategy. Chargebacks should not entail working conditions or be awarded in the form of bonuses, otherwise compensation becomes meaningless.
Some traders, who simultaneously trade with different brokers, specifically select a percentage of the prize for winning and compensation, in order to conduct simultaneous trading receiving a "guaranteed" profit in the form of these compensation payments.

Referral bonuses for binary options partner programs

Binary options brokers offer traders to receive additional income from each attracted client. In fact, the user becomes a promoter of services, receiving a part of the company's profit.
Earnings, as a rule, are accrued from the trading turnover of the attracted client who opened an account using the referral code. The terms of accrual may vary, but this is the safest and most reliable way to get funds from the market. Giving advice to others or teaching trading is much more profitable than looking for strategies and hoping that the number of profitable trades will exceed the loss.