t.me/DerivCrashBoom free signals boom and crash!

This channel was created for the convenience of trading on synthetic BOOM/CRASH indices.

When I trade on these indices, I often have to switch tabs and monitor CRASH and BOOM. It takes time and effort.

I look for such moments β€” CRASH fell or BOOM rose
I look for such moments β€” CRASH fell or BOOM rose

But thanks to the channel t.me/DerivCrashBoom my life has changed for the better πŸ€—

When CRASH falls, or BOOM grows - a message of this type comes to the channel:

For example:

07:31:27 CRASH1000 πŸ“‰ -15.434
  1. Β«07:31:27Β» This is just the time of the event, Greenwich Mean Time (UTC +-0)
  2. Β«CRASH1000 πŸ“‰Β» The name of the index.
  3. Β«-15.434Β» How much the price has changed! Sometimes it does not change much 0.06-0.5, I usually ignore such changes.

After I got the signal, I open the desired pair on the website deriv.com and enter the transaction! Well, or in metatrader. And no need to sit and switch tabs every 5 seconds in search of the good moment 🀬

Questions on what time to go, with what multiplier, and so on can be discussed in our chat, the link to it will be in the main channel β€”t.me/DerivPlus

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πŸ€— My tg @AlbertDerivPlus