Bulldozer_Lock is a specialized assistant program necessary for conducting profitable trading on the Forex interbank currency exchange market. This program allows the trader to conduct successful and profitable trading using certain settings. The yield of this Expert Advisor is 7.77% per annum.


This Expert Advisor differs from other programs by using a profitable indicator strategy. This strategy involves the use of three indicators: fast and Slow Exponential Moving Average, Awesome Oscillator. The peculiarity of this strategy is that there is no need to configure the settings of the Awesome Oscillator indicator, since they are registered automatically. In addition to the presented indicators, you can add additional necessary parameters to the program. This approach allows you to reduce the errors and risks of the standard strategy of the Bulldozer_Lock Expert Advisor.


To work with the Bulldozer_Lock Expert Advisor, you must use the platform MetaTrader 4, since this Expert Advisor is a specialized development for this platform.

Currency pairs

As for currency pairs, the Expert Advisor shows the highest yield when using a currency pair EUR/USD. When using other currency pairs, the EA's strategies will not work so well.


Experts recommend using the H1 timeframe during the work of the Expert Advisor. In this case, you can guarantee the promised annual percentage of profit.

Working hours

The presented Expert Advisor works around the clock, excluding weekends. You can adjust the working time using certain indicators, based on your own preferences.


Let's look at the main settings of the Expert Advisor:

  1. Lots – selection of lots
  2. fast_ema_period – selection of the period according to the fast moving indicator
  3. fast_ema_price –selection of the price according to the fast moving indicator
  4. slow_ema_period – selection of the period according to the slow moving indicator
  5. slow_ema_price – selection of the price according to the slow moving indicator
  6. AO_Min – selection of the minimum threshold for the Awesome indicator Oscillator


Currently, only one version of the Bulldozer_Lock program is known, which is actively used by players of the interbank currency exchange market.