Burn BM is a modern Expert Advisor that allows you to automate and make more efficient trading on the Forex interbank currency exchange market. This program is characterized by ease of configuration and the ability to get a significant profit from transactions.


The meaning of this program is that trading is conducted on an hourly chart. At the beginning of the work, the system places two pending orders in different directions. The distance, the start time of trading and other settings in the program can be changed, thereby adjusting the trading strategy for yourself. Pending orders remain until the start of the next trade. Then the old orders are removed, and everything starts over again. Thus, the program places orders only once per session. The features of this program also consist in the fact that the system itself protects transactions from various risks.


This Expert Advisor is designed for trading using the platform MetaTrader 4.

Currency pairs

The recommended currency pairs are the following ratios: EURUSD.


As for the timeframe, the most profitable is the interval equal to M15.

Working hours

The work of this adviser is carried out around the clock. You can also configure additional trading time parameters in the settings.


Let's consider the basic settings of the Burn BM Expert Advisor system:

  • TimeSession No. - indicator showing the session start time
  • DeltaPriceUP No.– selection of BuyStop offset from the base price at which the session was opened
  • DeltaPriceDN No. - selection of SellStop offset from the base price at which the session was opened
  • Lot – lot selection
  • KoeffMartin – lot increase coefficient
  • TimeExpiration – indicator displaying order opening time


At the moment, this program has several versions. The most popular are the following developments: 0.6 and 1.9. These versions differ in the presence of functions and the degree of refinement of the systems.