Car sales statistics are used by government economists in a number of countries, as indicator of indirect characteristics of consumer demand and business sentiment of the business.

Despite its small share in the national economy, due to the specifics (expensive purchase), the volume and level of sales of passenger and commercial vehicles will indicate the confidence of consumers, small and medium-sized businesses.

Output frequency and format

Data on car sales in Brazil are released at the beginning of each month (the first week), as a percentage change in volume to the previous period. The exit time is 17-30 Moscow time.

In the United States, vehicle sales are published on the first day of each month, if it does not fall on the weekend, the data are released by actual units. The release time is 22-30 Moscow time, before the start of publication, analysts present a forecast of millions of pieces. Information is divided into trucks and cars, believing that some data indicate consumer confidence, while others indicate the mood of small and medium-sized businesses.

Sales of new cars in Australia in the form of percentage changes to the previous period fall in the middle of the month. The time of the output is 03-30 Moscow time.

The volume of motor transport sales in Indonesia falls into the economic calendar in the second decade of the month, as a percentage change from the same period last year.

The impact of statistics on the Forex currency market

Brazil-the national exchange rate currencies, the real is weakly dependent on the publication of statistics on car sales. The data includes the volume of sales of new trucks and passenger vehicles sold to commercial, government organizations and individuals. The growing number of cars is an indicator of consumer confidence and increases the real exchange rate, while the fall weakens the national currency.

USA – the dollar reacts poorly to the release of data on both volumes of cars sold, both trucks and passenger cars, the currency may rise or fall if there are large discrepancies between the published data and analysts ' forecasts.

Australia-course the Australian dollar reacts poorly to the publication of new car sales volumes, since during the release of news the main part of traders is outside the market. When volumes increase, the national currency exchange rate increases and falls when they decrease.

Sales of motor vehicles in Indonesia due to the peculiarities of the publication (annual change) have almost no effect on the national currency.

Additional information

Brazil is a country with high external duties on the import of cars, the rate was raised from 30 to 57% in 2011. Therefore, the national automobile industry produces old models of cars changing only the appearance, leaving the design unchanged for more than 50 years. Manufactured machines are often equipped with an ethanol engine running on alcohol.