The economic review of retail and wholesale sales volumes is compiled on the basis of data from members of a non-profit organization in the UK related to retail.

This association – the British Confederation of Industrialists includes 190 thousand national enterprises of Great Britain, 140 trade associations representing enterprises from all branches of production of goods and services.

This non-profit partnership also includes 55,000 agricultural enterprises from the Union of National Farmers.

The report represents the final, average figures of the percentage of sales volumes obtained during a survey of managers of specialized enterprises. They are collected monthly by the 13 regional councils of the Confederation and sent to the head office for processing. The report includes the state of the services market, which is estimated with sales according to one algorithm – through surveys. Managers are asked to independently assess the decrease or increase in sales compared to last year.

Frequency and format of the economic review output

The review is published in the form of an analytical report with the conclusions of economists, confirmed by statistics, and is published monthly on the website of the Confederation of British Industrialists on the 28-30 number.

The time of the output is 11-00 GMT/14-00 Moscow time.

The impact of statistics on the stock market and Forex currencies

The percentages indicating sales growth characterize the positive dynamics of economic development, but long-term the trend causes reasonable fears of an increase in inflation. However, the indicator shows the annual change, so it is not directly used by bidders.

Forex traders rarely take into account data in positions on the pound sterling, since at the end of the month there is a part of more significant indicators for the foreign exchange market. Investors accept the indicator as an additional filter that confirms previously occupied positions in stocks.

Interesting facts

Statistics of the British Confederation of Industrialists has the official status, since the activities for its collection and processing are regulated by the Charter approved by the state and the Royal Charter. Therefore, the results of the economic review are taken into account by the Government and relevant ministries.

Since September 2014, the Confederation has organized "Big Business Debates" to bring the business of the service sector "closer to the people". During the discussion, any of the parties can make suggestions for improving the service or criticize the current state of affairs. Rational proposals and reasonable claims are applied "in front of" the consumer. In this way, the Confederation increases the social responsibility of business.