EUR/DDK is an exotic trading instrument of the Forex market. Reflects the relationship between the two European currencies: euro and Danish krona.


This the currency pair is poorly distributed in the market and belongs to the group of exotic pairs. The relationship between the currencies is that the pair shows how much Danish kroner is needed to buy one euro. In the presented ratio, the base currency is the euro, and the Danish krona is convertible. Quotes of this instrument are affected by political and economic events in the Eurozone, Danish imports and its foreign trade. In general, the presented pair changes depending on the changes of the euro exchange rate.

Indicators of the currency pair

This pair is characterized by a high level of volatility and high level spread. EUR/DDK is not very liquid and has almost no impact on the Forex market as a whole.

Features of the currency pair

At the moment, the exchange rate of this currency pair is set at 7.4 Danish crowns per euro.

Other information

As a rule, only a few people work with the presented instrument due to the unattractiveness of this currency ratio.