EUR/TRY is a Forex trading instrument. Reflects the ratio of two currencies: Euro and Turkish lira.


This pair is not common in the Forex market and belongs to the exotic group currency pairs. The currency ratio shows how much Turkish lira is needed to buy one euro. In this case, the euro acts as the base currency, and the Turkish lira is converted.

Quotes of the presented currency pair are affected by various macroeconomic phenomena. In the case of the euro, these are events taking place in the Eurozone. In the case of the Turkish lira, this is the traditional rating of the country, events on the financial markets.

Indicators of the currency pair

This pair is characterized by a high volatility and high level spread. The liquidity of this pair is not high. At the moment, the exchange rate for this pair is set at 2.8 Turkish lira per euro.

Features of the currency pair

In general, for two years, the quotes of the presented pair show an upward trend without significant drops.

Other information

The possible accession of Turkey to the European Union may affect the development of this currency pair.