EUR/ZAR is a trading instrument of the Forex interbank currency exchange market. The currency ratio reflects the relationship euro and the South African rand.


Submitted by the currency pair is poorly distributed in the Forex market and belongs to the "exotic"group. The ratio shows how much South African rand is needed to make a purchase of one euro. Thus, the base currency in the pair is the euro, the convertible currency is the national currency of South Africa. To change quotes EUR/ZAR are influenced by the following macroeconomic factors: prices for precious metals, the political and economic situation in the Eurozone and South Africa, the current situation on the world currency markets.

Indicators of the currency pair

The presented currency ratio has high indicators spread and volatility. As for liquidity, then it is low for this pair.

Features of the currency pair

The main features of changes in EUR/ZAR quotes are related to changes in the euro exchange rate. The trading volume for the presented pair is insignificant and does not exceed one billion US dollars.

Other information

Trading on this instrument is usually used by representatives of the Eurozone or South Africa.