Fast Forex Millions is a specialized program that allows you to automate the process of trading on the Forex interbank currency exchange market. The presented Expert Advisor caused a stir among traders with its appearance due to the possibility of obtaining super-profits.


This Expert Advisor was developed on the basis of the WinnerH4 program. At the moment, the strategy of the adviser's work has not been fully studied. Only certain principles of the program are known. The presented Expert Advisor does not have specific signals for which orders are closed. Closing and opening of transactions depends on the market situation. We can confidently attribute this product to the group of scalpers that allow you to ensure trading with not bad profits, thanks to working on a short-term trend. Despite the fact that currently only a small part of the mechanisms according to which this program works are known, various tests indicate that working with Fast Forex Millions gives good results.


This program is designed for trading on the platform MetaTrader 4.

Currency pairs

The program can work with several currency pairs, including the following ratios: GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, USD/CHF. The program shows the best result on the currency ratio EUR/USD.


As for the timeframe, the recommended time interval is M15.

Working hours

This Expert Advisor can work around the clock. In addition, you can set the preferred working time in the settings.


Let's look at the main settings of the program:

  • Reverse Exit – a parameter that allows the program to close positions when a certain signal is received
  • FilterDepth – a parameter that allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the system to market changes
  • Risk Percent – choosing the risk level
  • FixedLot – choosing a fixed lot
  • MagicNumber – a parameter that allows you to identify your own trading transactions
  • Ktp – a parameter that reflects the dynamic take profit
  • OrderComment-displaying program comments


Currently, the most popular version of the program is development 2.1.