Forex Combo System is a modern program that allows you to automate trading on the Forex interbank currency exchange market. This program is an automated Expert Advisor for Forex traders.


The presented Expert Advisor uses four strategies in its work (the number of strategies varies depending on the version of the program): scalping strategy, breakout strategy, counter-trend strategy, flat trading strategy. The first strategy involves the program opening a large number of transactions and closing them with a small profit. The second strategy involves searching the market for narrow ranges of price variation and placing orders in accordance with this. The third strategy allows you to use the market situation and trends in your own interests . The fourth strategy allows you to effectively trade on the side market. All these strategies can be used by the Expert Advisor individually or in a certain combination.


The Forex Combo System program allows you to conduct effective trading activities on the platform MetaTrader 4.

Currency pairs

The recommended currency pairs are the following ratios: EUR/USD, GBP/USD. It is these quotation ratios that allow you to get the best result.


As for the timeframe, experts recommend using the M5 timeframe in this Expert Advisor.

Working hours

The Forex Combo System program allows you to work on the market around the clock. The required time interval can be set independently in the settings.


Let's look at the main settings of the program:

  • Use_ Fx_Combo_ Scalping/breakout/Reverse/EuroRange-enables or disables scalping/breakout/counter-trend/flat trading CommentSys No. - displays comments on trades  < li>Magic No. - displays a unique number for each strategy


Currently, the program has several versions, among which the most popular are: 1.46-2.42, 3, 4. The main difference in these versions is the number of automatic strategies in the program. All four strategies are presented in the fourth version of the program.

Download  Media:Forexcombosystem.rar