ForexHacked is an automated program that helps to trade on the Forex interbank currency exchange market. The advantages of this Expert Advisor is the fact that it is already delivered with optimal settings, which eliminates the need to adjust the program for yourself.


This Expert Advisor uses the Martingale strategy in its work. The mechanism of such a system is based on the fact that it is necessary to raise the bet every time after losing it. The advantage of this strategy is that one winning trade can cover all the previous ones. Using such a strategy in the ForexHacked Expert Advisor guarantees its stability, regular trading and eliminates the loss of transactions. Also, this strategy allows you to get a significant profit in a short time period. In addition, when using certain settings, you can feel other advantages of trading with the ForexHacked Expert Advisor.


To work with the presented assistant, you must use the Metatrader 4 platform.

Currency pairs

As for currency pairs, the Expert Advisor shows an excellent result with the GBPUSD ratio. Experts do not advise experimenting with other currency ratios.


The recommended timeframe is H1. At this time interval, the program shows the best results.

Working hours

The ForexHacked Expert Advisor can work around the clock. The required trading time is set using the settings.


Let's look at the main settings of the ForexHacked Expert Advisor:

  • Lots – lot selection from the first order  TakeProfit-take profit selectionBooster-indicator that allows you to set the lot increase coefficient when averaging a position
  • StartHour – selection of the trading start hour
  • StartMinute – selection of the trading start minute
  • StopHour-selection of the trading end hour
  • StopMinute-select the minute of the end of trading
  • StartingTradeDay/ EndingTradeDay-select the day of the start/end of trading


The ForexHacked Expert Advisor has undergone many improvements in the course of its evolution and has several versions, among which are the following: v2.3, v2.5, Pro 1.14, Pro 1.15. The most popular versions are Pro 1.14 and 2.5. Each of the presented versions has its own characteristics. Version 2.3. uses the Moving Average and Parabolic SAR indicators, which determine the direction of transactions. Version 2.5. uses an algorithm aimed at a large number of transactions, and works perfectly on small timeframes. The Pro versions have more advanced features. Expert Advisor Pro 1.14. allows you to trade on several currency pairs at once. The Pro version 1.15. is almost identical to its predecessor.

Download  Media:ForexHacked2.3.ex4