GBP/ZAR is a Forex trading instrument. It reflects the relationship between the British pound and the South African Rand.


The presented currency ratio is poorly distributed in the Forex market. GBP/ZAR belongs to the "exotic"group. In this case, the ratio reflects the number of South African rand required to buy one British pound. Based on this, in this pair, the pound is the base currency, and the South African rand is converted. Quotes of the GBP/ZAR pair are influenced by various factors. The most significant of them are the prices of precious metals, major political events, the interest rate of the Bank of England, and so on.

Indicators of the currency pair

The presented pair is characterized by a high volatility and high spread. At the moment, the exchange rate of this trading instrument is set at the level of 18.2 South African rand per British pound.

Features of the currency pair

This pair is not widely used in the Forex market and does not have a high liquidity.

Other information

Use in trade the presented a currency pair is usually used by residents of countries whose currencies are interconnected in a pair.