Ilan Dynamic is a modern program necessary for conducting effective and profitable trading on the Forex interbank currency exchange market. The peculiarity of this Expert Advisor is that it allows traders to get stable profits.


The presented Expert Advisor is based on the Martengale strategy. The meaning of this strategy is to increase the transaction price if the previous operation is lost. The program uses a number of orders with a proportionally increasing lot. The peculiarity of this strategy is that with the constant use of this principle, winning is unlikely. But with periodic withdrawal of funds, this theory works. In addition, after the initial withdrawal, such a strategy automatically becomes break-even and promises traders significant profits.


The presented Expert Advisor is designed to automate trading based on the platform MetaTrader 4.

Currency pair

The recommended and highly profitable currency pair is GBP/USD.


As for the timeframe, the optimal time period is M5.

Working hours

This Expert Advisor can work around the clock. The required trading time can also be set using the program settings.


Let's look at the basic settings of the Expert Advisor:

  • FirstOrder-a parameter that allows you to open or close the first order ¬†LotExponent-the coefficient by which the lot is multiplied DynamicPips-a parameter that activates the dynamic mode DefaultPips-determining the size of the grid step ¬†Glubina-selecting the number of bars
  • DEL-a parameter that allows you to calculate the grid of orders


Currently, the most popular version of this program is development 1.6, which has all the functions and features described above.

Download  Media:Ilan+1.6.rar