Indicator-free Expert Advisor GRID is a semi-automatic program that allows you to conduct effective trading on the Forex interbank currency exchange market. This program is an analog of ExpertNET and allows you to conduct semi-automatic trading on Forex.


At the heart of its work, the indicator-free GRID Expert Advisor uses the grid principle, the meaning of which is to open limit orders at a certain distance from each other. The lot of the first order can be set by a certain parameter or set as a percentage of the funds not used in transactions. All other orders have the size of the first lot multiplied by the coefficient. The maximum lot size is limited by the parameter. The meaning of such a strategy is that the price cannot constantly move in one direction without falling. Such a strategy, in case of an erroneous entry into the market, allows you to take an average price position and close all costs in the nearest transaction.


This program allows you to work on the Metatrader 5 platform.

Currency pairs

As for currency pairs, the GBPUSD ratio is recommended. It is working with the recommended currency ratio that allows you to get a significant profit.


The timeframe for working with this Expert Advisor is equal to M1.

Working hours

An indicator-free GRID Expert Advisor can work around the clock. The appropriate time can be set using the system settings.


Let's look at the main settings:

  1. Orders-setting the number of orders in each direction
  2. Step_1 =10-selection of the distance from the current price to the first order
  3. Step_2 =10-selection of the distance between orders Lot - selection of the lot
  4. K_Lot-selection of the lot increase coefficient
  5. TF - selection of the timeframe  


Currently, the Expert Advisor has seven versions. The latest version is the most popular, as it is completely modified and eliminates the presence of certain problems.

Download  Media:StopOrders.mq4