Magic Champ is an automated program necessary to simplify the process of trading on the Forex interbank currency exchange market. Allows traders to trade and make profits without constant interference in the process of the program.


The Magic Champ program is based on the scalping strategy. This strategy allows the program to open a large number of transactions, and then close most of them with a small profit. This Expert Advisor is based on a thorough approach to managing trading capital, which becomes possible with a certain amount of a protective dynamic order and a possible partial closure of certain trading positions. The entire algorithm of this Expert Advisor is not known, since it is distinguished by its significant volume and complexity. It should only be noted that in the course of its work, Magic Champ uses a significant number of indicators, which allows you to open positions under various conditions.


This Expert Advisor specializes in working on the platform MetaTrader 4.

Currency pairs

As for currency pairs, the following ratios are recommended: GBP/USD, EUR/USD. It is these ratios that bring the most significant results.


The recommended time period that allows you to make a significant profit is set at M5.

Working hours

The Magic Champ program can work around the clock. In addition, the required operating time can be set using the program settings.


The success of using this Expert Advisor largely depends on certain settings. Let's consider the main positions:

  • LongAllowed-an indicator that allows or prohibits the opening of purchase transactions.  ShortAllowed-an indicator that allows or prohibits the opening of sales transactions.  Break_After_SL-select a break in the work of the Expert Advisor. Auto_Trade_Open-an indicator that allows or prohibits the program to automatically open positions.  MaxSpread-selection of the maximum spread value.


Currently, the most popular and frequently used version of the Expert Advisor is version II Pro. It is characterized by advanced functionality and modified elements.