MoneyPrinter is an automated assistant in trading on the Forex interbank currency exchange market. Allows you to trade without the constant intervention of a trader. The profitability of this Expert Advisor varies depending on various conditions from 2.5 % to 8%.


This Expert Advisor uses four different strategies in the course of its work: normal, scalping, candlestick and news. The normal strategy involves the use of the Martengale principle, the meaning of which is to increase the bet after a loss. The scalping strategy allows the program to close a large number of transactions with a small profit. The candlestick strategy allows you to predict the development of the market with a high probability. The news strategy is based on the choice of four types of market entry, on the basis of which news, stops, profits and other indicators are set. The presence of four strategies allows traders to take full advantage of various mechanisms using the MoneyPrinter Expert Advisor.


You can use the MoneyPrinter Expert Advisor on the platform MetaTrader 4.

Currency pairs

This program works effectively on the following currency ratios: EURUSD, GBPUSD. Experts advise not to experiment with currency pairs and use the recommended ratios.


In its work, the MoneyPrinter Expert Advisor can use any timeframes. There are no special recommendations on this issue.

Working hours

MoneyPrinter can trade around the clock. The required operating time is set using the program settings.


Let's look at the main settings of the MoneyPrinter program:

  • Lots-lot selection indicator  TakeProfit-take profit selection indicator  Working_Time-indicator responsible for setting the program's operating hours
  • Risk-indicator responsible for the level of risk from the deposit


Currently, the latest version of the program is MoneyPrinter EA v4.

Download  Media:MoneyPrinter.mq4