Pipjet Expert Advisor is an automated program that allows you to simplify and improve the efficiency of trading on the Forex interbank currency exchange market. This Expert Advisor allows traders to make significant profits without constant monitoring of the markets and the strategy of behavior on it.


This Expert Advisor is a representative of the group of night scalpers. In other words, this program uses the scalping strategy in its work. The peculiarity of this strategy is that the program opens a significant number of transactions and closes them with a small profit. Transactions for sale are opened near the upper border of the price channel, for purchase – near the lower one. Trading is conducted according to a short-term trend, which has a lot of advantages. Thus, the Pipjet Expert Advisor guarantees profit and trades on a calm flat market without significant fluctuations.


This program is designed for trading on the platform MetaTrader 4.

Currency pairs

The most profitable currency pairs are the ratio USD/CAD.


As for the timeframe, the recommended interval is equal to H1.

Working hours

The peculiarity of this program is that it works in the Asian session.


Let's look at the main settings of the program:

  • Aggressive indicator-allows you to use either a cautious or aggressive strategy.
  • NFA Indicator-setting for US traders
  • The S1_Reference and S2_Reference indicators are settings that allow the Expert Advisor to distinguish its own positions from others
  • Slippage indicator-selection of the level of permissible slippage
  • OrderComments indicator - displaying Expert Advisor comments


Currently, the most popular version of the Expert Advisor is development 1.02.

Download  Media:Pipjet.rar