Since January 1, 2002, the euro has become the official currency in 12 European countries, which have agreed to withdraw their former currencies from circulation until February 28, 2002.

The euro was considered an immediate success and is currently the second most frequently traded currency in the foreign exchange markets after the USD. That is why EUR / USD is the most frequently traded currency pair. Since 2002, more than 10 countries have adopted the euro: Andorra, Cyprus, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and the Vatican.

The original European Monetary Union

  • Austrian Schilling ┬áBelgian Franc
  • Finnish mark
  • French Franc
  • German brand
  • Greek drachma
  • Irish Pound
  • Italian Lira
  • Luxembourg Franc
  • Dutch Guilder
  • Portuguese escudo
  • Spanish Peseta