Forex charts are a special way of displaying information on quotes on the international currency market (Forex market).

Charts represent price fluctuations caused by various forces present in the market. The information contained in these charts allows technical specialists to see trading signals for future price activity.

There are three main types of charts / graphs that are offered on most trading platforms:

  1. Line graph
  2. Bar graph
  3. Candle chart  The most popular type of charts used today is the candlestick chart. Being originally developed in Japan, it did not reach such great popularity until the 1980s. The line chart is an original type of charts that is still widely used today, primarily because of its convenience and efficiency in constructing price data for extremely long and short periods of time. Also, many traders use a bar chart. Although any of these types of charts can be used equally well for most analytical methods, and most traders develop certain advantages for using them in their analysis.