USD/DKK - the ratio of two currencies: US dollar and Danish krona. It is used as a tool in the Forex interbank currency exchange market.


Submitted by the currency pair does not belong to the group of classic ones on the Forex market. USD/DKK is an exotic currency pair that reflects how many Danish crowns you can buy one American dollar for. In this case, the base currency is the US dollar, and the convertible currency is the Danish krona. This pair is significantly common in the market, but it is not characterized by a large volume of transactions. On quotes of this currency pair are influenced by the following factors: the consequences of political events, oil prices, events in the Eurozone, changes in the exchange rate of the dollar and the prices of agricultural products.

Indicators of the currency pair

The presented currency ratio is characterized by a high volatility and high spreads. In various situations, the spread can exceed forty items. At the moment, the exchange rate of this pair is about 5.7 crowns per dollar.

The peculiarity of the currency pair

Trading on the presented pair is characterized by calmness and regularity. There is a persistent tendency to reduce the price of USD/DKK, since the beginning of 2012.

Other information

The presented pair is extremely difficult to use for intraday trading due to the high spread. A number of experts note the influence of the euro value on this currency pair.