USD/HKD is the ratio of two currencies: US dollar and Hong Kong dollar.


Submitted by the currency pair is non-classical and belongs to an exotic group of currency pairs. Nevertheless, this ratio is very common in the Forex currency market, although the daily trading volume for this instrument does not exceed 1.5 billion US dollars. This the quote shows the ratio of US and Hong Kong dollars. Thus, the rate of this quote means that one US dollar is worth a certain amount of Hong Kong dollars. In this case, the US currency is the base currency, and the Hong Kong currency is the convertible one. This currency pair is influenced by several factors. The US currency depends on the outcome of major world events, and the Hong Kong dollar depends on the political and economic situation in the country, the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve, the investment attractiveness of a particular branch of the economy.

Indicators of the currency pair

This pair has a low volatility. Due to this indicator, the pair has a relatively high spread, which varies from ten to twenty items. As for the current situation, at the moment the quotation rate is gradually decreasing, since 2011 the pair has lost about 200 points.

The peculiarity of the currency pair

When working with this pair, it is worth remembering that the predicted change in the quote usually does not exceed 1%. In addition, this currency is suitable for traders who do not work with pairs with high volatility or trade with leverage. This tool is also attractive for carry-trading.

Other information

Experts note that in the near future, the quotes of this currency pair will not go beyond the following indicators: 7.75 — 7.85.