USD/RUB is a Forex trading instrument that reflects the relationship US dollar and Russian ruble.


The presented currency pair is quite common on the market and is familiar to traders, but according to the classification on a global scale, it belongs to an exotic group. The volume of transactions for this currency pair is significantly inferior to classical instruments. USD/RUB reflects the amount of rubles required to buy one US dollar. In this case, the Russian ruble is subject to conversion, and the dollar acts as the base currency.

Quotes of this instrument are affected by various macroeconomic phenomena: the exchange rate of world currencies, the cost of oil and gas, major political events. This the currency pair is in demand among Russian traders, but is not popular in the world due to the instability of the Russian economy and the strict regulation of the ruble exchange rate.

Indicators of the currency pair

The spread of the presented currency pair ranges from eight to twenty items. The volatility for this pair is high. USD/RUB is most volatile in European and American session. This pair is one of the most highly liquid among exotic currency ratios.

The peculiarity of the currency pair

At the moment, a number of factors allow for a complete analysis of the presented pair, which simplifies the process of using this tool. The most active trading on the USD/RUB pair occurs during the operation of the MICEX. This tool responds perfectly to financial news on the dollar or on the ruble. When working with this tool, it is necessary to take into account changes in interest rates, the appearance of major economic events in the Eurozone, the dynamics of oil prices and the volume of supplies.

Other information

At the moment, an upward trend is observed for this pair trend.