USD/SEKa currency pair that reflects the interdependence of two currencies: US dollar and Swedish krona. It is used as a trading tool in the Forex market.


The presented currency pair belongs to an exotic group. In the foreign exchange market, Forex does not have a significant spread. The relationship of currencies is reflected in the number of Swedish crowns needed to buy one American dollar. In this situation, the US dollar is the base currency, and the Swedish krona is the convertible currency. On quotes of this currency pair are influenced by several factors. In the case of the US dollar, these are oil prices, the consequences of political events. In the case of the Swedish krona, this is the state of affairs in the European Union, the country's sovereign rating.

Indicators of the currency pair

The presented currency ratio is characterized by a high volatility and high spread. The last indicator can reach up to sixty items. The variability of quotations is set in the range from 5 SEK per dollar to 11 SEK.

The peculiarity of the currency pair

At the moment, the quotes of this pair depend on the dollar exchange rate. A number of experts argue that if the distrust of the dollar persists, then this ratio will have a bearish trend. In this case, the maximum rate will be about nine crowns.

Other information

Quotes for this currency pair reached their maximum in 2001. The maximum value was 11 Swedish crowns.