USD/THB - exotic a currency pair that reflects the ratio of two world currencies: US Dollar and Thai Baht.


This group of currencies is not a classic option for the Forex market. This ratio belongs to the group of exotic pairs and the trading volume for this pair is significantly less and does not exceed one billion US dollars per day. The USD/THB ratio reflects the dependence of one currency on another, showing how many baht is needed to buy one US dollar. Based on this ratio, the dollar is the base currency, and the currency of Thailand is convertible. Changes in this currency pair quotes mainly depend on the change the exchange rate of the US dollar, which may be changed due to political events or due to an increase or decrease in oil prices.

Indicators of the currency pair

Since this currency pair belongs to an exotic group, its volatility is high. This ratio has a high spread, higher than the spreads of the main currencies.

The peculiarity of the currency pair

The peculiarity of this pair is the greater variability of the main currency – the US dollar.

Other information

Experts do not recommend using this pair for trading exotics due to the high volatility of the currency pair.